To make a booking with us, you must register on our booking system first. Please see our handy guide below for the simple steps to get started. 

Please be aware, all newly registered riders with us will see limited availability in the first instance. This is for a number of reasons including availability and to manage our induction process for new riders. All new riders must start with either an Assessment lesson or Beginner level session with us.

For New Beginner Riders (those who are new to riding): you can book a 30-minute private lesson or Beginner Riding Course (8-week Group Course)
For New RFEC Riders (not new to riding but new to RFEC): you can book a 30-minute Assessment lesson (any private lesson) or 1-hour Assessment Group lesson (First Friday of each month at 4pm).
PLEASE NOTE: You will see all suitable avaialbility as soon as you have registered your rider information - we do book in advance so you may see limited availability over the coming weeks - any availability/cancellations will show immediately on the booking system.


To view/download a PDF version of our How to Book guide, please click here.


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